Book Reviews: December 2021

My first uni holiday and the final month of 2021. Wow. This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@KELSIES_BOOKSHELF Rating: 5/5 starsFavourite quote: “I realised that every healthcare professional — every single doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist, physical therapist, and paramedic — need to shout out about the reality of… Continue reading Book Reviews: December 2021

TS Alphabet Ranking: C Edition

While compiling the list of Taylor Swift songs that begin with ‘C’, I realised I’m rather attached to many of these songs. It might be because of some narcissistic preference — both my name and the name of this blog begin with the letter C, after all.  But the songs in this list are just… Continue reading TS Alphabet Ranking: C Edition

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Music

2021 will be remembered fondly as the year I rediscovered pop punk music. Best Pop Song: The Louvre by Lorde When Lorde released Solar Power, I decided it was finally time to listen to her previous album Melodrama. And I’m all the better for it. Though never a single, The Louvre stood out sonically.… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Music

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Shows

I really need to start watching more musical movies. Best Movie: In the Heights I was supposed to separate this category into ‘Best Movie’ and ‘Best Musical Movie’, but went through my options and realised I don’t remember half the movies I’ve watched. I do, however, have the entire In the Heights soundtrack memorised.… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Shows

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Books

It’s been kind of a crazy year for me. I worked from home for six months, graduated from polytechnic, and started a whole new life at university. In between studying, making new friends, and coping with the Delta and Omicron variants, I found the time to consume some media.  This year alone I’ve read 80… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Books

Book Reviews: November 2021

Two e-books and two audiobooks, all read while studying for my finals. And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@REMAINSOFABOOK Alternative title: Darling Difficult You Rating: 5/5 stars Favourite quote: “Noahnoah, promise me something, one very last thing: once your good-bye is perfect, you have to leave me and not… Continue reading Book Reviews: November 2021