Book Reviews: Apr 2022

Time passes so fast in university. I’m done with finals and now it’s time to review the two books I’ve read this month. I’ll get this one done fast, because the next post will be about my first year in school — and I’m very excited to write about it.  Convenience Store Woman PHOTO CREDIT:… Continue reading Book Reviews: Apr 2022

Book Reviews: Mar 2022

I usually only read on the bus, and now that I’m living on campus, I’m barely on the bus for more than 10 minutes. To combat that, I’ve tried reaching out for slightly shorter stories (without any compromise on quality, I hope). It must’ve worked, because I read three amazing books this month! The House… Continue reading Book Reviews: Mar 2022

Book Reviews: December 2021

My first uni holiday and the final month of 2021. Wow. This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@KELSIES_BOOKSHELF Rating: 5/5 starsFavourite quote: “I realised that every healthcare professional — every single doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist, physical therapist, and paramedic — need to shout out about the reality of… Continue reading Book Reviews: December 2021

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Music

2021 will be remembered fondly as the year I rediscovered pop punk music. Best Pop Song: The Louvre by Lorde When Lorde released Solar Power, I decided it was finally time to listen to her previous album Melodrama. And I’m all the better for it. Though never a single, The Louvre stood out sonically.… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Music

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Shows

I really need to start watching more musical movies. Best Movie: In the Heights I was supposed to separate this category into ‘Best Movie’ and ‘Best Musical Movie’, but went through my options and realised I don’t remember half the movies I’ve watched. I do, however, have the entire In the Heights soundtrack memorised.… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Shows

Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Books

It’s been kind of a crazy year for me. I worked from home for six months, graduated from polytechnic, and started a whole new life at university. In between studying, making new friends, and coping with the Delta and Omicron variants, I found the time to consume some media.  This year alone I’ve read 80… Continue reading Celtic Moods Awards 2021: Best Books

Book Reviews: November 2021

Two e-books and two audiobooks, all read while studying for my finals. And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@REMAINSOFABOOK Alternative title: Darling Difficult You Rating: 5/5 stars Favourite quote: “Noahnoah, promise me something, one very last thing: once your good-bye is perfect, you have to leave me and not… Continue reading Book Reviews: November 2021