Book Reviews: October 2021

I was planning to read at least two horror stories this month... one will have to do. 1. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1) PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@BOOKISH.MUM Alternative title: -Rating: 5 starsFavourite quote: “I never thought of fear as something that can go away. It just is. It reminds me that… Continue reading Book Reviews: October 2021

A Love Letter to My Secondary School Self

I only just turned 20, and only just started a blog, and suddenly I think I’m qualified to write a letter to my teenage self. More specifically, my secondary school self (the teenager I was in polytechnic is a whole other story for a whole other letter).  But I’ve spent the last 4 years digesting… Continue reading A Love Letter to My Secondary School Self